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AMF Media Group Releases Findings from Central Coast Nonprofit Donor Survey

Donors to Give More in Wake of Tax Reform; Digital Presence is Key

October 25, 2018 — AMF Media Group (AMF), an award-winning full-service marketing firm with offices across California, announced findings from its “Voice of the Donor” Central Coast survey that may surprise some nonprofit leaders. Despite initial concerns, donors say the new tax code will have a net positive effect on donations in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties. The findings show nonprofits should invest in a robust communications program with donors, including digital efforts and more hands-on participation in giving.

The survey found 40 percent of respondents expect to give more in 2018 than in previous years due to tax reform, while only 4 percent plan to give less. Fifty-six percent reported the law will not impact their donations.

“While many local nonprofit leaders expressed concern that tax reform would negatively impact their organizations, our in-depth survey found quite the opposite. Instead, we are seeing the need for nonprofit leaders to focus on communicating with donors about how their gifts are being used to do good,” said Vintage Foster, CEO of AMF Media Group. “Not only do donors want to feel a personal connection, but they want to observe, oversee and reflect on their donation from beginning to end. Failing to have a robust communications strategy jeopardizes a nonprofit’s ability to raise necessary funds.”

Central Coast donors want more involvement. About 74 percent of donors would prefer to designate where their money goes, and the majority of donors (around 95 percent) would like transparency and updates from the nonprofit after the funds have been put to use.

Nonprofits should put emphasis on digital efforts. As the economy changes and technology finds its way into people’s everyday lives, methods of enticing and retaining donors should evolve as well. Nearly 77 percent of donors surveyed say a nonprofit’s website will impact their decision to donate, and 60 percent of donors say social media also plays a role in the donating process. That makes an informative and engaging digital campaign a must have for every nonprofit.

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