Metabolic Maintenance Digital Campaign

A Healthy Boost in Sales

Health and wellness company Metabolic Maintenance sought to increase awareness and online sales of its product MethylPro®, a nutraceutical promoting immune and mood support. After a review of Metabolic’s previous marketing efforts and sales figures, AMF recognized that a data-focused digital campaign could find audiences more likely to engage and convert more efficiently than more traditional spends such as trade show marketing or reliance on search advertising alone.


AMF implemented a data-focused programmatic and search marketing strategy. Within a month, results from the digital campaign doubled those of the previous system, increasing the company’s 2:1 return on ad spend to 3:1. By the end of the first year, return on ad spend had grown to a 5:1 ratio and today has moved into the double digits. Additionally, while the cost per lead has remained relatively stable, average order size has increased by 10%, contributing to tens of thousands in new revenues for Metabolic. Furthermore, AMF’s detailed reporting of where audience purchases have originated from, blended with data from deep AI learning, has brought to light new prospect regions and untapped sales opportunities.

“The results have been simply overwhelming, with tremendous insights and increased revenues against targeted budgets. Understanding our helpful, but sometimes complex products and how to put our message before ideal audiences at scale has set the AMF Digital team apart. They are so helpful and transparent, which has enabled our team to move marketing initiatives quickly and know our teams are completely aligned to success.”

– Karla Cross, Director of Marketing, Metabolic Maintenance, Sisters, Oregon USA

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