Valley Christian Schools Recruitment Campaign

Turning School into Something Truly Special

For half a century, Valley Christian Schools (VCS) has provided a quality, holistic Christian education for students in Northern California. However, in recent years VCS has experienced a steep decline in enrollment. Parents questioned the extensive turnover in leadership and whether the school had ventured away from its mission. As a result, the school witnessed a significant exodus. VCS needed to reverse enrollment decline and attract new students. Ultimately, it had to rebuild credibility with its current student population and provide a new and vibrant message to would-be students. In the previous 24 months, VCS had engaged a marketing consultant to deploy a handful of social media and advertising initiatives, with little success.


VCS needed a partner with expertise in brand management, brand repair and consumer advertising. But it is important to note – VCS also needed a partner who was sensitive to the nuances of faith-based private education. Enter AMF Media Group. AMF developed a recruitment video and laser-focused digital campaign with geo-targeting to residents living within a 15-mile radius of the school. The objective – maximize mid-year transfer opportunities and increase student retention.

The results were phenomenal:

  • VCS experienced a 2,580% increase in total impressions compared to its previous campaign
  • VCS witnessed a 3,200% increase in clicks versus the previous campaign
  • VCS met its student retention and mid-year transfer goals
  • Here’s the big one – VCS re-enrollment is up 182% over the previous year

“The difference of approach is like night and day. AMF’s recruitment campaign work is thoughtful, analytical and the creative is on point with who we are. And from a results standpoint…the numbers speak volumes.”

– Tawni Garcia, Executive Pastor, Valley Christian / Valley Christian Schools

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