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Thought Leadership


June 17, 2021 

Formulating Your Thought Leadership Strategy

Be Ahead of Your Competition

As your company continues to recover from COVID-19, it is important to position your organization post the shifts seen in your business. You want to be top of mind for potential audiences as they start to source again for resources/business services to support their future needs. Don’t wait to formulate your thought leadership strategy and communications plan.

Though it may sound intimidating, thought leadership at its core is remarkably simple. When your strategic thinking and business approach positively shifts the minds of others, you are a thought leader.

AMF Media Group can guide you in formulating your communications strategy and amplify your message to be front and center with your target audience. Below is an easy three-step process to get you started.

  • Identify Goals: Determine what your core message and value proposition are and set goals to stay true to them. Consistent messaging is critical as you want that repetition in the marketplace.
  • Pinpoint Your Target Audience: Identify specific niche publications and other outlets where your audience can best be reached.
  • Craft Your Outreach Strategy: Collaborate with subject matter experts to produce a steady drumbeat of articles to be read by key decision makers.

When developing thought leadership content, be sure to keep Search Engine Optimization (SEO) top of mind. Your messaging should be relevant and timely and could also contain a targeted solve for a specific or industry relevant pain point. Be sure to include buzzwords or key phrases associated with your topic to optimize for search and use hashtags as they are a discovery key for those searching.

Leverage Your Employees

Lastly, don’t leave your greatest asset – employees – out of the thought leadership strategy. Team members can be leveraged to author content and help push it forward in the marketplace. When engaging employees in this area, consider the following:

  • This type of task might be outside of normal scope for your employees. They might need writing and editing support for blog posts, emails, presentations, articles, white papers, etc. Consider engaging an outside resource to help your team craft content and fine-tune messaging.
  • Before hitting “send” on outbound emails, improve client/prospect outreach efforts by updating contact lists.
  • In addition to company managed social channels, support employees in publishing thought leadership content through their own channels. Employees can be very well networked through LinkedIn, Twitter and more and could be strong lead generators in their respective areas of expertise.

Ultimately, now is the time to develop and implement a strong thought leadership strategy that will amplify your brand and grow your business. We’d love to help you do this! Shoot us a note at [email protected].