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Villaggio at San Luis Obispo, a proposed 366-unit Life Plan Community, sought to offer a compassionate, dignified and relatively affordable housing and health care solution for local seniors as they age. The development’s life plan model was one that did not currently exist in the county and was in great demand, but it was not without some local opposition from a community mindful of growth and environmental preservation.


AMF Media Group took a grassroots approach to building support for the project, establishing the Villaggio SLO Ambassadors, a group of local residents who believe fervently in the need for the community. In partnership with the ambassadors, we placed stories and editorials with local media, led presentations with stakeholder groups, organized community briefings and crafted newsletters and social media posts to generate interest.


More than 650 people joined the interest list to reserve a home in the community, more than 90% of who were from the Central Coast. The project received an unanimous 5-0 vote of support by the City Council.



AMF developed the overall brand look and feel for the Villaggio Life Plan Community, including a website featuring images of seniors enjoying life.

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