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When AMF Media Group began working with Alameda Health System (AHS), the health provider’s reputation was troubled. Its accreditation was being challenged and it was known as a destination of last resort. In addition, it suddenly found itself having to compete for new patients without disenfranchising its current patient population.


AMF Media Group’s charge was to transform AHS into a premier health care option of choice. We began with market research and a full brand assessment, which revealed that hidden in the negative associations and challenges were a number of jewels. AHS had one of the most sought-after residency programs in the nation, it was a place of forward thinking in ambulatory and community care, and it had the qualifications to be repositioned, by its merits, into the region’s premier teaching and health care system.


AMF was eager to meet the challenge emphasizing community and preventive health care and launching a refreshed brand. We focused attention on AHS’s positive attributes: an expanding campus with two new towers, four community wellness centers and the acquisition of two additional regional hospitals.


increase in brand awareness


increase in web traffic


decrease in negative brand affiliation


increase in fundraising


Brand Identity

A new brand identity presented a modern look with vibrant colors and an interrelated visual style that spoke to the vital role the health system plays in the community as a world-class patient- and family-centered system of care.


When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, AHS wanted to drive awareness among its communities of the importance of wearing a face mask to slow the spread of the virus. The health system recognized that people from racial and ethnic minority groups in its neighborhoods were at increased risk of getting sick and was committed to living up to its mission of serving all. We developed a PSA campaign, including print, radio and digital assets in both English and Spanish, that spoke of the significance of masks and their connections to community.


AMF took clunky, outdated individual websites from each hospital and launched a completely redesigned and refreshed system-wide site with complementing campus-centric sites. The new site emphasized critical message points — comprehensive care, teaching and accessibility.

Crisis Communications

After an Iraq War veteran suffered injuries during the Occupy Oakland protests, AHS was faced with protesters, reporters and Michael Moore at its doorstep. AMF knew that a demonstration outside of the hospital would draw enormous media attention and threaten the hospital’s ability to to provide care, endangering lives. We jumped in to manage media calls and requests. No major march materialized and AHS’s reputation was preserved. As a result, AMF was named Crisis Communications Firm of the Year by Dow Jones and Ragan’s PR Daily.


A major aspect of AMF’s campaign was promoting improvements at AHS flagship Highland Hospital, including a new Acute Care Tower and state-of-the-art Family Birthing Center. 

We launched the “A New Day in Health” campaign that delivered an unapologetic declaration of AHS’s quality and its attributes to serve a diverse audience of needs. Media buy performance over-delivered by 25% and births at the facility rose by nearly 40%.


With Alameda Hospital and San Leandro Hospital joining the AHS network, AMF developed commercials that introduced them to the community. Alameda Hospital saw a 14% increase in surgeries, a 9% increase in ER visits and a 49% increase in admitted patients. San Leandro Hospital saw increases of 28% in surgeries, 12.1% in ER visits and 10% in admitted patients.

Employee Recognition Event

AMF produces Alameda Health System’s annual Employee Recognition Dinner to honor AHS employees who have served 20 years or more with the health system.

Public Relations

Press coverage prior to our effort saw 12 negative stories to every one positive story. Now, the ratio is 10 positive stories to every negative story.

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