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Project Overview


This Fortune 500 leader’s sales enablement team needed to streamline how disparate groups across various departments were communicating with the field. This communication was critical to strategically equip the team with the right content, training, coaching and tools needed to engage with prospects and buyers throughout the sales cycle.


AMF’s Strategic Consulting Services was engaged to identify and resolve the communication gaps. A seasoned consultant brought expertise in strategic communications planning, program sales and employee communications.

The consultant’s impact included:

  • Developing communication plans in alignment with this company’s overarching sales strategy and consistent messaging throughout the global field sales organization
  • Creating new communication channels, such as a biweekly newsletter, to strengthen team cohesion and break down silos
  • Crafting and tailoring messages, like customer win stories and sales presentations, and delivering them via these new channels
  • Promoting key updates, enhancing engagement and accelerating success

The streamlined approach delivered a refined, cohesive and sustainable communication process, resulting in a 50% reduction in execution time for all program deliverables. 


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Next Project

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