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For half a century, Valley Christian Schools (VCS) has provided a quality, holistic Christian education for students in Northern California. However, in recent years VCS has experienced a steep decline in enrollment. Parents questioned the extensive turnover in leadership and whether the school had ventured away from its mission. As a result, the school witnessed a significant exodus.


AMF Media Group used its deep industry knowledge of private schools, particularly those that are faith-based, to develop a tailored approach to rebuilding credibility with the current population while also creating vibrant, inviting messaging to would-be students and their parents. 


The campaign reversed the school’s enrollment decline and helped to attract new students. VCS’s reputation is back on track.


increase in total impressions


increase in clicks


increase in student re-enrollment


increase in inbound enrollment inquiries


“AMF’s recruitment campaign work is thoughtful, analytical and the creative is on point with who we are. And from a results standpoint…the numbers speak volumes.”

– Tawni Garcia, Executive Pastor


Digital Banner

AMF developed a laser-focused digital campaign with geo-targeting to residents living within a 15-mile radius of the school.

Recruitment Video

A recruitment video highlighted VCS’s ability to turn an average school day into something truly special for students.

COVID-19 Response

In the midst of AMF’s recruitment efforts, the COVID-19 pandemic struck. While many schools scrambled to get set up for virtual learning, VCS had teachers ready to teach via Zoom right away. Students did not miss a single day of school as the pandemic forced residents to shelter in place. AMF quickly created a new campaign called Not One Day to highlight that VCS was always ready, even in the face of uncertainty. Since the campaign launched, inbound enrollment inquiries have increased by more than 60%.

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