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Web Transformation—Fortune 500 Networking Solutions Compan

Project Overview


AMF’s Strategic Consulting Services’ team was selected through a competitive process to transform a Fortune 500 networking solution company’s corporate website and two online communities after a corporate rebranding. The goal was to powerfully represent the newly developed brand, creating a seamless experience across the three global sites and hundreds of pages.


AMF assembled a team of consultants, including an editor-in-chief, four seasoned writers and an account manager, who worked with the client’s in-house web marketing team, internal experts and additional content stakeholders. Their process included:

  • Conducting research to gather information about the target audiences, competitors, industry trends and relevant keywords for SEO
  • Developing a content outline detailing the website’s structure, including main pages, subpages and navigation
  • Writing and editing the content to ensure accuracy, clarity, consistency and alignment with the brand voice and messaging
  • Design integration, testing and quality assurance

Plot Twist
Outside factors caused the project to be put on hold for eight weeks but deadlines were not extended.


Despite the delay, the Strategic Consulting Services team made up for lost time and delivered the project on schedule and under budget.


“AMF quickly learned our business, understood our needs and identified key publications that would reach our intended audience. Through placed op-ed articles, they were able to position us as a leading voice in the health benefits industry. AMF is a responsive partner and is flexible in taking on new projects.”

– Ann Basco, Director of Marketing

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