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Trending Keyword Insights

For Businesses

March 27, 2020 

Trending Keyword Insights for Businesses

COVID-19 is causing businesses to adapt quickly to maintain daily operations and serve customers remotely. But how do you know you are offering solutions that are most valuable to your customers right now? Perhaps even more importantly, are you effectively communicating that you can provide those services?

We did an analysis of the current trending keywords in the legal, finance/insurance, healthcare, education and real estate industries. What we found provides great insight into how you can and should adapt to meet the needs of your current and prospective customers during this challenging time. And, how you can make sure your customers know what you offer.



Currently, the number one trending keyword related to legal services is “free legal advice online chat.” Other top contenders are closely related — “legal advice online” and “free legal advice online.”

These consumer searches tell us that businesses in the legal industry should be looking for ways to hold consultations and meetings online. With so many people searching for these services, this is a great opportunity for law firms to reevaluate their messaging. Does your website include information about virtual consultations? How does your site rank in relation to these searches? Perhaps it is time for an SEO audit of your website.

Also, consider digital banner ads and social media campaigns targeted to consumers in your specific user demographic to further distribute information about what you can provide.


Top finance-related keywords include “coronavirus mortgage rates” and “banks closing coronavirus.”

With so many people searching for information about mortgage rates and if banks will be closing, financial-focused businesses should serve as resources for their customers by including COVID-19 informational pages on their websites. This dedicated content can house all of the news and information customers may be interested in about what is going on in the financial industry related to the pandemic.

To take it one step further, financial businesses should pair these webpages with search ads to drive traffic to their sites and provide consumers with the right information right when they are searching for it.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the top trending keywords related to insurance focus primarily on travel insurance, such as “travel insurance for coronavirus.” Now is a great time for insurance providers to get information about their travel insurance services in front of customers.

But they should also consider how consumer’s insurance needs may change as the coronavirus pandemic evolves. For example, consumers may begin to wonder how to best insure their homes with increased “work from home” policies, or how to pause auto insurance given restrictions on travel. Getting in front of these searches and providing content aligned with these needs and concerns will ensure brand resiliency for your organization.


Beyond obvious searches around how to protect oneself from the novel coronavirus and symptoms to look out for, consumers are increasingly searching for general ways to stay healthy while stuck at home. Trending healthcare keywords include “supplements to boost immune system” and “morning workout routine at home.”

Businesses operating in the healthcare industry should create informational content on their websites about any health supplements or services they offer that can help with immunity. Personal trainers and nutritionists should bring their businesses online and promote virtual training and nutrition coaching through video chat or through their websites. Pharmacies can craft content providing valuable assistance to patients in terms of dosage recommendations or methods to deliver goods directly to customer homes.

You should make sure you are alerting customers of these virtual opportunities through targeted email campaigns.

Check out how AMF supported health and wellness company Metabolic Maintenance with a programmatic digital campaign.


With most schools in the U.S. closed, potentially for the rest of the school year, educators are scrambling to offer online learning opportunities for their students. However, eLearning is becoming increasingly popular for adults as well. With so many people stuck at home, this is a great time to learn new skills, whether for fun or to become a stronger professional.

Top trending keywords in the education field include “free online courses” and “online college courses.” Both K-12 schools and higher education institutions should have information on their websites about their virtual learning offerings and should be sending regular emails to students as things change.

If your school is providing classes for free or is opening up registration to students you don’t typically service, this is a great opportunity for targeted ad campaigns to those new demographics. Also, differentiation is key here. Does your school offer something no one else does, or does it do it in a new way? Your local news media is looking for content on how businesses are adapting to the novel coronavirus and may be interested to learn more. AMF Media Group recently secured a story for Dublin-based Valley Christian Schools on ABC7 Bay Area about their enhanced online learning platform. Valley Christian is experiencing 100% participation from students in their virtual classes.


Searches for “Real estate market coronavirus,” and “coronavirus real estate impact” are surging. Real estate companies may have the opportunity to leverage lower market rates and encourage people to invest in real estate. They should focus on providing informational resources for consumers to learn more about what is going on in the real estate industry.

Additionally, construction is still ongoing, and in some markets, listing demand is growing. Builders and developers can capture the intent of consumers looking to purchase real estate and making longer-term buying considerations.

AMF Media Group’s content team can help you craft the right messages to reach existing or new demographics, and our creative and production teams can help bring those messages to life through graphics and images. Our digital team can layer a variety of digital tactics at the appropriate time and weights in the campaign cycle, handling all buying and distribution. We offer a complete communications strategy, all from a single source. Contact us if you would like to know more.